Why Rewarding Your Team Is More Important Than Ever Before

Why Rewarding Your Team Is More Important Than Ever Before


With more than three quarters (76.4%) of UK professionals intending to look for a new job in 2022 according to a new survey, hiring professionals are advising that rewarding staff and showing appreciation could be key to retention and has never been more important this year.

Retaining staff is cheaper than recruiting new ones, so valuing your workforce this year could prove extremely important. A reward to say thank you for a job well done could make a big difference to how people feel about their role and increase staff loyalty.

Take a look at our following suggestions for how staff could be rewarded this year:


Team Lunch – organising an office lunch can give your team the chance to let their hair down. If a face-to-face party/lunch is not possible because of restrictions, then an online Teams/Skype or Zoom lunch where everyone can have a laugh.

Plan an office away day – this spring why not plan an office away day, this could be a spa day, an experience such as wine tasting/bowling or golf, or a trip to the theatre with dinner. Get staff involved and ask them what they would like.

Introduce flexible working – why not make 2022 the year you introduce complete flexible working? Your employees will thank you and it could benefit the business too! In fact, a survey of 8,000 global employers and employees conducted by Vodafone found 61% thought flexible working boosted company profits.


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