Where Can You Find The UK’s Best Work/Life Balance?

Where Can You Find The UK’s Best Work/Life Balance?


The UK workforce is changing, the need for work/life balance is more important than ever! Staff are prioritising work/life balance over traditional company benefits such as extra holiday, especially given the unpredictability of the workplace and the added pressure between work and personal because of the need for remote and hybrid working.

According to recent research by Glassdoor, tech companies have dominated UK’s highest rated companies for work/life balance. In fact, The Office for National Statistics (ONS), Softcat and Arm took the top three places, all ranking 4.47 and above for a positive work/life balance.


Lauren Thomas, economist at Glassdoor, said: “Whether it is the autonomy to set one's schedule, hybrid working policies or simply trust shown by management that work will be delivered without being tied to an office, it is clear that a healthy balance is achieved best when employees can individualise their approach to work.”


Half of workers said their work regularly disrupts their personal life, with two-thirds wanting to redefine their current work/life balance, Glassdoor data revealed.

Flexible working hours was a priority for 36%, yet 32% saw a work-life balance as choosing where they work and one in four wanted a reduced working week. However, 24% of employees said generous paid time-off was important and 28% wanted the ability to switch between work and personal life throughout the day as needed.


Being able to switch between work and personal life could lead to employees becoming more productive and increase overall efficiency across departments as they eliminate workplace stresses.

In addition, creating a positive work/life balance allows staff to become more engaged whilst working. A less stressed and physically healthy employee who feels connected to co-workers is more likely to be motivated to work harder, resulting in increased workplace morale, more accountability and better communication.


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