Seeking Older Recruits - What are the benefits?

Seeking older recruits - What are the benefits?


Accountancy firm, Azets, latest campaign of trying to tempt people back with flexible, work-from-anywhere options has hit the newspapers this month offering a new outlook on retired or older recruits.


Retired accountants are being encouraged back to the profession with a new recruitment drive launched by accountancy firm Azets. The company recently announced plans to recruit an additional 250 staff during the next five years in Scotland and is now allowing staff to pursue a flexible work/life schedule.

Professionals estimate that around 10% of vacancies could be filled by prospects returning to the profession in the coming years.

The company is investing in a mobile-enabled hybrid working environment, allowing staff to be able to work full or part-time, including options for term-time only hours and shorter working weeks.


Peter Gallanagh, Azets’ chief executive for Scotland and The North, said: “There is a large pool of retirees or early leavers who often miss work after retiring and might now consider returning to the profession, particularly given the range of flexible working arrangements now available.

“Early retirees have extensive experience, are often strong leaders and have good management skills - as such they have much to offer the profession and we are hopeful that our campaign might provide the encouragement many might need to join our fast-growing business.”


But what are the benefits of hiring older recruits?


An older employee can be an excellent addition to your company and can offer huge benefits to your team. Having a mixture of young and old recruits can increase productivity and give younger employees the potential to learn and boost their skill sets from more mature workers.

In addition, balancing your workforce with established professionals can add an air of composure and calm to a young and inexperienced team when needed. They are able to draw on experience to quickly offer the final seal of approval on projects or manage a crisis in meetings.

Finally, mature recruits often have a proven track record and you can expect an older employee to produce results straight away. They know what to expect and therefore can plan for almost every eventuality.


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