Automation In Recruitment

Automation In Recruitment


It is no surprise that the pandemic has left a mark on the recruitment sector, the past three years have led to an accelerated pace of digitisation worldwide, and technology has revolutionised businesses in every sector.

Developing capabilities of technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) help automate the most time-consuming recruitment tasks and allow employers to more efficiently refine candidate shortlists

Recruitment technology is now being implemented on a broader scale to help employers and recruiters stay on top. So, how can employers make the most of technology’s many advantages to secure the top candidates?


As vacancies remain at a high level in the UK, and in a candidate-driven market, speed is of the essence when it comes to recruitment.

Candidates now expect to hear back from companies regarding their initial application in one week or less. Screening CVs using conventional manual methods can take as much as 23 hours for every hire, wasting valuable time and resources.

With this in mind, recruitment technology and software can help HR departments and recruiters quickly refine selections, manage the administrative tasks associated with interview scheduling and candidate sourcing and automate emails and feedback to ensure consistent communication.


However, it’s important to still build a relationship with the candidates and establish trust and respect so ultimately accepting an offer to join a new company is a personal decision. Employers can use technology alongside traditional recruitment methods to support basic administrative tasks, but recruiters must be personable to be persuasive.

As such, prospective employers must personally engage with applicants throughout the recruitment process to stand out from the competition, ensure they understand candidates’ individual goals and make offers that align with their expectations.

The best way for businesses to streamline recruitment and secure the best employees for their organisation is to enlist the help of recruitment experts!

With specialist industry knowledge and expansive professional networks, they can offer guidance and help in sourcing applicants to guarantee the best results for clients and candidates.


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