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“I have personally known Lucy for about 15 yrs, since she started tracking at the company I worked for at the time, and our company have used the Lindsay King Group for much of our recruitment needs across the last 9-10 years. Throughout this time, Lucy has always shown immense integrity, high professional standards and a thorough understanding of the needs of both the client and candidate. She communicates effectively and efficiently and will handle as much of the administration process as is desired.

The strength of the group is driven by Lucy’s personal drive, determination and commitment to go “the extra mile”. She will organise meetings whenever and wherever to suit client/candidate even when this clearly cuts across her personal situation.

Lucy will readily provide added insight into a client’s business situation even when this is outside her own remit (e.g. offer market place feedback, provide competitive understanding etc)

A major strength and focus area for the group is their enormous understanding and knowledge of the (fast moving) consumer goods industry. Few recruitment agencies track/contact the up and coming young managers of leading businesses like Lucy. I should know, I was one!”

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