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Role Purpose: To develop the consultancy’s business within allocated clients. To ensure the delivery of high quality consultancy to clients.
Reports to: Managing Director South Asia. Based in Singapore

Client Development
1. Maintain positive relationships with allocated clients. Take action to identify and resolve any issues between clients and the consultancy. Actively penetrate existing clients, maintaining contacts at Board level and networking with key managers.
2. Maintain awareness of current and potential Kantar Retail products and offerings across all Kantar Retail core areas.
3. Develop the relationship with allocated existing or new clients to its full business potential by selling Kantar Retail products and consultancy within the client. Write and implement a client development plan.
Ensure both that Kantar Retail’s business prospers and that the solutions delivered are both “best practice” and appropriate for the client concerned.
Project Delivery
4. Plan and manage projects within allocated clients to the agreed Kantar Retail Quality standards. Allocate resources as appropriate to projects and work co-operatively with Directors and Consultants to ensure that Kantar Retail projects are staffed with the appropriate consultants, including international resources.
5. Deliver high quality solutions in own client projects and participate in other projects as a resource to Project Managers as and when appropriate.
6. Monitor the quality consultancy work within own projects. Take action to resolve any issues where projects are in difficulty.
7. Ensure project plans takes into account support staff workload and communicate any changes to deadlines.
Product Development
8. Stay up-to-date in the latest techniques and approaches. Actively pursue the techniques used within clients and ensure that examples of best practice are brought back to the consultancy and shared with colleagues. Introduce marketing colleagues to appropriate contacts within clients as requested.
9. Identify new product opportunities and liaise with the Kantar Retail team to ensure the development of appropriate solutions. Provide technical expertise into product development projects as requested.
10. Where new pieces of work have been developed within own projects, liaise with the Director to ensure that these are shared and consideration is given to their wider application within the Kantar Retail client base.
Business Management
11. Participate in the development of an annual and three year business development plan for clients. Develop individual customer development plans as requested.
12. Ensure that any Senior Consultant report is carrying the required project day revenue target.
13. Co-operate in the development of other consultants within the consultancy. Actively seek and recommend contacts who could be recruited as suitable Directors of Consulting, Senior Consultants or Associates.
14. Participate in special projects and marketing, product development, quality, systems, efficiency or organisational initiatives aimed at improving the consultancy as requested.
People Management
15. Ensure Consultants, Senior Consultants and Associates receive appropriate induction and on-going support to consultancy project work in general and in particular, to Kantar Retail’s approach and standards in handling and delivering high quality solutions to clients.
16. Ensure Consultants, Senior Consultants and Associates are trained, developed and motivated by communicating the Consultancy’s vision and goals and by regular performance review, coaching and support.
Revenue Signed
- In line with agreed client development plans.
Revenue Days
- Maintain revenue as agreed with Manager (c.75%).
- As Project Manager achieve average project day rate in line with current consultancy standard.
- Keep any Senior Consultant at 80% productivity.
- Personally adhere to quality standards when participating in or managing projects.
- Maintain client confidentiality and ensure no conflict of interests between clients resulting in the loss of a client.
- Keep re-billable expenses to agreed levels in line with customers’ expectations.
Profit Delivery
- New Business details to be in the Resource Plan a minimum of 10 days before project starts.
- Bring projects in within agreed project costings and full SOX compliant.
- Take action to minimise overhead costs of projects by effective cost control of issues of non-billable expenses, use of overtime, use of couriers etc.
Product Delivery
- Drive new product development when appropriate
- Be rated by colleagues as a “good team player”.
- Actively seek and recommend contacts who could be recruited as suitable Directors of Consulting, Senior Consultants, Consultants or Associates. Co-operate in the development of other consultants within the consultancy.
People Management
- Staff are inducted into the Consultancy in line with the agreed induction standards.
- No client issues due to poor induction of Consultants.